Network Statement 2017

According to EU Directive 2012/34 all European infrastructure managers must yearly publish a Network Statement describing the railway infrastructure available to railway undertakings. Railway infrastructure owned by the Danish state is described in Banedanmark's Network Statement which is published on this homepage.

The English version of the Network Statement is a direct translation of the Danish version. 

The Network Statement 2017 and associated appendices are mentioned in the table below. Appendix 2.3A and 2.3B in English will be published shortly. Meanwhile appendices in Danish can be found here.


Main document    Revised
Network Statement 2017    2016-02-11


Number Title    Revised
2.3A Standard access contract    2016-07-06
2.3B Standard access contract for Øresundsbro Consortium's infrastructure    2016-07-06
2.5 Current gauges in Denmark    2016-04-08
3.1A Railways in Denmark    2016-04-08
3.1B Lines open for passenger traffic    2016-04-08
3.1C Lines open for freight traffic    2016-04-08
3.2A Active and inactive sidings    2016-04-08
3.2B International and interior borders with other Infrastructure Managers    2016-04-08
3.2C Borders to other IMs and private tracks    2016-04-08
3.2D Infrastructure data - Midtjyske Jernbaner (In Danish only)     2016-04-08
3.2E Infrastructure data - Lokaltog - Region H (In Danish only)    2016-04-08
3.2F Infrastructure data - Nordjyske Jernbaner (In Danish only)    2016-04-08
3.2G Infrastructure data - Lokaltog - Region S (In Danish only)    2016-04-08
3.2H Infrastructure data - Vestbanen (In Danish only)     2016-04-08
3.3A Number of tracks in the open lines    2016-04-08
3.3B Route numbers    2016-04-08
3.3C Reference line for rolling stock    2016-04-08
3.3D Guideline overview for maximum axle load    2016-04-08
3.3E Guideline overview for maximum meter load    2016-04-08
3.3F Maximum line speeds    2016-04-08
3.3G Electrified routes    2016-04-08
3.3H Control centres and coverage areas    2016-04-08
3.3I Train control systems on specific lines managed by Rail Net Denmark    2016-04-08
3.5A Infrastructure works and other limitations to capacity    2016-04-19
3.6 Height and lengths of platforms in stations    2016-04-08
3.8 Sidings    2016-04-08
3.9 Signalling Programme -  Roll out for main and regional lines and S-train lines (In Danish only)    2016-04-08
4.3 Deadline dates    2016-04-08
4.4 Capacity usage of timetable period K15    2016-04-08
6.6 Length of lines for calculation of infrastructure charges    2016-04-08



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