Vision & Mission

Banedanmark's mission

We develop and provide a safe, attractive and efficient railway.

We develop the railway by planning and contracting new construction and renewal projects. We will ensure that the projects are developed, planned and carried out in the most appropriate manner.

We provide infrastructure, monitoring and traffic information as the basis of railway service for passengers and railway companies.

The railway shall be safe for those using it and for those working on it. We will not compromise on the safety on the railway.

The railway shall be attractive and accommodate the users' expectations of a modern railway with reliable service, high consistant punctuality and trustworthy traffic information.

The railway shall be efficient. We will honor our responsibility to provide a more cost effective railway, meeting the expected quality regarding both projects and the daily operation and maintenance.


Banedanmark's vision

Towards 2020 we are creating the Railway of the Future that enables double the amount of passenger and freight transportation.

We are well under way in realizing the Railway of the Future and creating a railway capable of attracting more passengers and freight clients.

We are implementing the first phases of the '1 hour model' (a travel time of one hour by train between each of the five largest cities) and we are carrying out several construction and renewal projects that will help ensure a Railway of the Future with higher punctuality, greater capacity and shorter travelling time.

Simultaneously with the numerous construction projects we will continue to carry out the requisite maintenance of the railway. At the same time we will continue handling the traffic reliably, punctually and with trustworthy traffic information during the entire journey.

This will require efficiency throughout the company and it is a precondition for the creation of an attractive train journey and the provision of a more cost effective railway.

A railway with high punctuality, more train departures and shorter travelling time requires a collective effort from all involved parties. Being the appointed infrastructure manager makes us a key player within public transportation in Denmark.

We will ensure the basis for the vision of a doubling of the passenger and freight transportation.

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