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Rail charges
The total rail charge is levied on the basis of actual operation. Charges are payable monthly in arrears (30 days net).

Kilometre charges

Kilometre charges incl. supplementary charges for operation on the Danish rail network (except the Korsør-Nyborg and Öresund Coast - Swedish border lines) amount to DKK 2,19 per train-kilometre covered (ex. 25% VAT).

Bridge tariff

For crossings over The Great Belt Link or the Danish stretch of the Öresund, the following bridge tariffs apply (ex. 25% VAT):

Great Belt:

  • Passenger trains: DKK 6824,71 per train
  • Freight trains: DKK 6330,90 per train



  • Passenger trains: DKK 2140,90 per train
  • Freight trains: DKK 2590,40 per train


In addition to which operators will be charged the Swedish tariff for carriage on the Swedish stretch of the bridge.

Capacity charge
This charge is levied on trains operating on any point of the following stretches except the cited stations in the period from 07:00 hrs up to and including 18:59 hrs.

Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup - Kalvebod:

  • Passenger trains: DKK 373,23 per train
  • Freight trains: DKK 373,23 per train


Hvidovre Fjern - Høje Taastrup:

  • Passenger trains: DKK 622,06 per train
  • Freight trains: DKK 1244,11 per train


Vojens - Vamdrup:

  • Passenger trains: DKK 995,29 per train
  • Freight trains: DKK 995,29 per train


Environmental subsidies
All conventional and combined freight transport on railway between and to a Danish train station is entitled to the environmental subsidy. The settlement includes however only the part of the railway system which is owned by the Government.

Intermodale freight transport on railway (containers, piggy bag units, trailers) in transit through Denmark is entitled to the environmental subsidy on condition that one end of the transport, as minimum, is reloaded onto/from a lorry.

The environmental subsidy is DKK 0.0167 per ton-kilometre conveyed freight.

The total deduction must not exceed 50 per cent of the total sales price ex. VAT for the transport as stated on the invoice.

Besides, we refer to the departmental order for rates and environmental subsidies for freight transport on railway.

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