GSM-R Programme Information

Banedanmark's GSM-R programme has two main purposes

  • To replace the current analoque radio systems for voice communication and non safety related data communication. (GSM-R Voice)
  • To be the data carrier part of ERTMS in Banedanmark's Signalling Programme. (GSM-R Data)

The GSM-R programme comprises implementation and operation of the GSM-R system, tunnel radio system, controller terminal system, logging and civil work. Banedanmark has split the work into three contracts

GSM-R system for both GSM-R Voice and GSM-R Data.

The following supplier won the main contract with Banedanmark

  • Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN)

Nokia Siemens Networks was awarded the contract in June 2010. The GSM-R Voice is planned to be in operation from 2013 on the whole Banedanmark network together with GSM-R Data on Early Deployment lines. This is followed by a two year migration period. GSM-R Data for the rest of the country is planned to be in operation by 2021.    

Civil Work for GSM-R voice and GSM-R data for Early Deployment.

The following supplier won the main contract with Banedanmark

  • Rambøll 

Rambøll was awarded the contract in June 2010. The civil work for GSM-R voice and Early Deployment is expected to be completed in end of August 2012.  

 Operations and maintainence of GSM-R.

The following supplier won the main contract with Banedanmark:

  • Eltel Networks

Eltel Networks is participiate in testing and putting the GSM-R system in operations. The operation responsibility is expected to begin in 2013.

 Mobiles and handheld and other train equipment

Mobiles and handheld radios are not part of the above tenders apart from a small number for test purposes.  

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