The New Line Copenhagen-Ringsted +45 8234 0000

Map of the line

The New Line Copenhagen-Ringsted

On the map you can find details about how the line is planned.

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Co-financed by the EU

Co-financed by the European Union



About The New Line Copenhagen-Ringsted
Banedanmark is in the process of building a new dual track railway between Copenhagen and Ringsted via Køge. This will offer a better timetable with more departures, shorter travel times and fewer delays. The budget is DKK 10.4 billion and the line is due to open in 2018. The line is designed to handle speeds of up to 250 km/h for passenger trains and is Denmark's first railway for high speed trains.

Dual track, electrified high speed line in France.
Dual track, electrified high speed line in France.
Photo: RFF/Photolabservices

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Facts about the new line

Banedanmark - Amerika Plads 15 - 2100 København Ø - Tlf. 8234 0000 - - CVR 18632276