About Banedanmark

Banedanmark provides the foundation that makes it possible for trains to run in Denmark.

Our staff keeps the trains on track 24 hours a day, year-round. We make sure the tracks, signals and safety systems are properly maintained, renovate the network or build new lines. We monitor rail traffic and steer trains in and out of stations and across the entire rail network.

We work hard so that as many trains as possible can run on our tracks. In this way, we form the foundation for one of the safest and most environmentally friendly methods of transporting people and freight on land.

Banedanmark is responsible for 3,102 km of railway tracks. Over 3,000 trains run on the rail network every day. That adds up to almost 1.2 million trains a year. On a daily basis, we are responsible for 40,000 arrivals and departures at stations all over Denmark. More than 196 million passengers and 8 million tons freight are transported annually on our network.

Banedanmark - Amerika Plads 15 - 2100 København Ø - Tlf. 8234 0000 - banedanmark@bane.dk - CVR 18632276