Contract on electrification of the Danish railway concluded



Banedanmark has signed a contract on electrification of the majority of the Danish rail net with the consortium Aarsleff-Siemens. The total sum of the contract is 2.8 billion DKK and it contains an opening to enter into further agreement on a number of options. Simultaneously with the actual electrification, Banedanmark carries out a series of major preparatory works, including reconstruction of several hundred bridges around Denmark as part of the electrification programme.

Jesper Hansen, CEO Banedanmark:

"We look forward to co-operating with Aarsleff-Siemens on electrifying another 1.300 km of the Danish rail net. The coming electrification of a series of sections around the country is one of the key elements in creating the railway of the future and will provide passengers with shorter travelling time and the railway with a greener profile."

"The contract has been awarded after negotiations as a turnkey contract and I am very pleased that the contract for all sections is within the budget."

"We have had a close dialogue with the four bidding consortia that have recommended their best solutions based on their experiences from foreign projects. Therefore, we now enter into contract on an optimal technical solution both regarding the actual electrification as well as the subsequent operation. At the same time we have been able to provide an evenly distributed roll-out plan for the electrification of all the involved sections."

"The contract with Aarsleff-Siemens also allows Banedanmark to ensure the best possible co-ordination with the many other large projects, for instance the Signalling Programme, Ringsted-Fehmarn and speed upgrades in relation to the one-hour model. This enables us to ensure fewest possible disturbances in the daily train traffic during the process."

The CEO of Banedanmark is also very content with the fact that negotiations have been carried out with four strong bidders, in order to achieve best possible competition on the contract of the electrification of the Danish railway.

The contract's award criteria are weighed in such a way that the price is balanced against the technical solution and the ability to carry out the project on time with as little inconvenience as possible for the passengers.

The co-operation partners are both recognized and experienced. Aarsleff has many years of experience in working on the railway with different construction projects and Siemens supplies the new CTBC signalling system to the S-bane. Banedanmark therefore has a solid knowledge about the partners from Banedanmark's other projects.

Further information via Banedanmark's press officer tel: +45 82 34 13 13.

Facts: Banedanmark's Electrification Programme and the contract with Aarsleff-Siemens
Altogether, 1.300 km of railway will be electrified towards 2026. In addition to the actual roll-out of the electrification it includes several changes in the infrastructure, for example reconstruction of bridges to ensure room for electrical trains, immunization of other installations towards electrification, clearing of vegetation alongside the railway etc.

The contract with Aarsleff-Siemens includes electrification of all the politically decided sections. The first section to become electrified is the 57 km long section between Esbjerg-Lunderskov, followed by the sections Køge North-Næstved, Copenhagen-Ringsted, Ringsted-Holeby, Roskilde-Kalundborg, Fredericia-Aarhus, Aarhus-Aalborg, Aalborg-Frederikshavn and Vejle-Struer.

The contract also contains option to electrify further sections, Vestfyn, Vejlefjord bridge, Hovedgaard-Hasselager among others, as well as options that give Banedanmark possibility to purchase components and compensation equipment etc.

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