New double-track railway down to the future Fehmarn Belt railway link

Fast and environmental-friendly railway, which connects Europe.

The Ringsted-Fehmarn Railway is one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Denmark’s history. The railway will become an important part of a whole new, environmental-friendly transport corridor between Denmark and Europe, when the fixed-link across Fehmarn Belt is due to open in 2029. When the Fehmarn line is ready passengers can look forward to a travel time of appr. 2 hours and 30 minutes in environmental-friendly electric trains. 

Towards the opening of the fixed-link Banedanmark will be upgrading and modernizing the appr. 115 km line between Ringsted and Rødby, providing commuters and passengers with a modern railway with fast and environmental-friendly trains. 

Major upgrades so far 

The first part of the upgrade between Ringsted and Nykøbing Falster was completed in 2022.  

Several existing stations and platforms have been modified with new access roads, lifts and road infrastructure and the railway link over Masnedsund have been replaced by a new double-track bridge.  

The railway line er blevet  electrified with a new traction power supply, and a brand new signalling system (ERTMS) has been launched between Mogenstrup and Nykøbing Falster.
We have replaced the tracks on large portions of the stretch, built a new subgrade, established storm water drainage along the railway line and re-located old cables underground. Several dams have been reinforced for allow higher speed and fauna passages have been built out of consideration for wildlife and the environment. 

In order to accommodate for traction power supply and the additional track, more than 100 bridges and roads will be modified. 

What's next?

The second part of the project started in 2023 on the island of Lolland – more precisely from Nykøbing Falster to the Fehmarnbelt fixed-link. The old railway track across Lolland has been removed, and during 2024 a new approximately 30 km long double-track line and a brand new station south of Holeby will be established. The entire line will be electrified and equipped with a new digital signalling system towards the opening of the Fehmarnbelt link in 2029.  

In addition, Banedanmark is expanding and upgrading King Frederik IX's bridge over Guldborg Sound. The bridge will be extended with an extra railway track so that it is ready for the double-track railway between Ringsted and Fehmarnbelt in the future. 

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