Network Statement 2016

The Network Statement can be considered as Banedanmark's product catalogue and presents the conditions for access to the infrastructure managed by Banedanmark.

The Network Statement contains, among other things

  • Conditions for access to Banedanmark's infrastructure
  • Description of the infrastructure
  • Description of the capacity allocation process
  • Description of Banedanmark's services and charges for the use of the infrastructure

The Network Statement has been prepared on the basis of current legislation and associated administrative regulations, including Executive Order No. 1245 of 10/11/2015 on the allocation of railway infrastructure capacity (train paths) etc., which in particular transposes Article 27 of Directive 2012/34 / EU and Annex IV of the Directive.

Appendix network statement 2016

2_3A Standard adgangskontrakt for Banedanmarks infrastruktur
2_3B Standard adgangskontrakt for OEresundsbro Konsortiets infrastruktur
2_5 Laesseprofiler
3_1A Jernbaner i Danmark
3_1B AAbne straekninger for passagertrafik
3_1C AAbne straekninger for godstrafik
3_2A AAbne_ hvilende og lukkede eller nedlagte sidespor
3_2B Graenser til andre infrastrukturforvaltere
3_2C Graenseflader til andre infrastrukturforvaltere samt firma_ stam_ og havnespor
3_2D Infrastrukturdata _ Midtjyske Jernbaner
3_2E Infrastrukturdata _ Lokalbanen
3_2F Infrastrukturdata _ Nordjyske Jernbaner
3_2G Infrastrukturdata _ Regionstog
3_2H Infrastrukturdata _ Vestbanen
3_3A Antal spor pr_ straekning paa Banedanmarks jernbanenet
3_3B Oversigt over TIB straekninger
3_3C Referencelinjer for rullende materiel
3_3D Akseltryk paa Banedanmarks jernbanenet
3_3E Metervaegt paa Banedanmarks jernbanenet
3_3F Hastigheder paa Banedanmarks jernbanenet
3_3G Elektrificering af Banedanmarks jernbanenet
3_3H Fjernstyringscentraler og daekningsomraader paa Banedanmarks jernbanenet
3_3I Togkontrol paa Banedanmarks jernbanenet
3_5A Infrastrukturarbejder og andre kapacitetsbegraensninger
3_6 Perronlaengder og _hoejder
3_8 Banedanmarks sidespor
3_9A Udrulningskort for Signalprogrammet paa fjernbanen
3_9B Udrulningskort for Signalprogrammet for S_banen
4_3 Terminsplan for kapacitetstildeling K16
4_4 Kapacitetsudnyttelse K15
6_6 Straekningslaengder til beregning af infrastrukturafgifter

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