International Transport

Banedanmark cooperates with other European railway infrastructure managers in order to create a European rail network. The result of the cooperation is the definition of train paths in an appropriate timetable structure that enables smooth rail traffic across national borders.

One Stop Shop Denmark

The Danish One Stop Shop (OSS) can be contacted in order to initiate rail traffic across national borders. The Danish One Stop Shop is open 24 hours a day.

ScanMed RFC

EU member states have undertaken to introduce a number of cross-border rail freight corridors. The railway between Stockholm and Palermo are one of the stretches that have been identified as a strategically important railway corridor in the EU. The corridor, known as the Scandinavian-Mediterranean Rail Freight Corridor (ScanMed RFC), is of great importance for freight transport between Northern and Southern Europe. ScanMed is part of a larger network of nine European rail corridors that cross each other in strategically selected locations in Europe. With the freight corridors, a ScanMed One Stop Shop has been introduced.

Rail Freight Paths for international traffic are coordinated via ScanMed. Rail Freight Paths in the coming year's timetable can be found on ScanMed's website.

Rail Net Europe

Rail Net Europe (RNE) is a European cooperation organization for infrastructure managers with a joint office in Vienna. The goal since its start in 2004 has been and still is promoting European rail traffic across national borders for both passenger and freight traffic. Over the years, the work has been aimed at harmonizing and optimizing common processes and administrative procedures. A uniform application and allocation process of capacity as well as a common structure for members' network statements are examples.

EU funding for railway projects on the Trans-European Network (TEN-T network)

Through funding, the EU promotes the development of transport infrastructure on the TEN-T network, and in recent years Banedanmark has received EU funding for a wide range of railway projects, including:
Preliminary study for Ringsted-Fehmarn, preliminary study for Copenhagen-Ringsted, preliminary study for Vamdrup-Vojens and construction of the same project, electrification of Esbjerg-Lunderskov, Signalling Programme, preliminary study for railway to Aalborg Airport and freight corridor projects.

In the EU budget period 2014-2020, the new infrastructure fund Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) has a budget for transport infrastructure of 24.1 billion EUR (179.2 billion DKK), where Banedanmark currently has been receiving funding for two projects in the Signalling Programme: onboard equipment in the trains and roll-out of the Signalling Programme on Copenhagen-Ringsted. Both projects are expected to be completed by the end of 2018. The CEF Fund is funding infrastructure projects across the entire TEN-T network.