Network Statement 2022

The Network Statement can be considered as Banedanmark's product catalogue and presents the conditions for access to the infrastructure managed by Banedanmark.

The Network Statement contains, among other things

  • Conditions for access to Banedanmark's infrastructure
  • Description of the infrastructure
  • Description of the capacity allocation process
  • Description of Banedanmark's services and charges for the use of the infrastructure

The Network Statement has been prepared on the basis of current legislation and associated administrative regulations, including Executive Order No. 1245 of 10/11/2015 on the allocation of railway infrastructure capacity (train paths) etc., which in particular transposes Article 27 of Directive 2012/34 / EU and Annex IV of the Directive.



2_3A Standard Access Contract
2_3B Standard Access Contract for OEresundsbro Consortium_s infrastructure
2_3C Capacity application for non_RU
2_5 Current loading gauges in Denmark
3_1A Railway lines in Denmark
3_1B Lines open for passenger traffic
3_1C Lines open for freight traffic
3_2A Active and inactive sidings
3_2B Borders to other IMs
3_2C Bordering to other Infrastructure Managers and private tracks
3_2D Midtjyske Jernbaner
3_2E Lokaltog H
3_2F Nordjyske
3_2G Lokaltog S
3_2H Vestbanen
3_2I DSB tracks managed by Rail Net Denmark
3_3A Number of tracks on open lines
3_3B Route numbers _TIB_
3_3C Reference line for rolling stock
3_3D Guideline overview maximum axelload
3_3E Guideline overview maximum meterweight
3_3F Maximum line speeds
3_3G Lines with traction current
3_3H Control centres and coverage areas
3_3I Train control systems
3_5A TCR 2022
3_5B TCR 2023
3_6A Heights and lengths of platforms in stations
3_6B Heights and lengths of platforms in stations ECTS
3_7 DSB facilities
3_8 Sidings
3_8A Electrified sidings
3_9 Signalling Programme rollout schedule _in Danish only_
4_3 Timetable for capacity allocation K21
4_4 Capacity usage TT19
6_6 Length of lines for calculation of infrastructure charges