Registration of hours

Our suppliers' employees, who at times are required to solve tasks at one of Banedanmark's places of employment, must register their hours in the SAP Portal, Banedanmark's internal time registration portal.

To be able to register hours, you will need an X-User access.

Contract and Purchase Orders

Banedanmark sends the purchase order to the supplier (consultant, advisor, resource person, temp. etc.) when the contract has been made. The X-User then registers hours spent based on the ordering data on the purchase order with reference to the purchase order number, the position number, and the service number.

Registration of hours

Registration of the hours spent is made by the X-User at least once a week. Registration of used hours in a week must be made no later than Monday in the following week.

It isn't possible to register more hours than specified in the actual purchase order.

Approval by Banedanmark

The used hours are approved in Banedanmark by a service receiver before the hours can be settled. The service receiver goes through the X-User's time registration and accepts this if the hours are delivered as stated.

Settlement with the Supplier

Before the last working day of the current month, the total registration for the month has to be completed. The supplier must then specify the provided service registration number on the invoice when issuing an electronic invoice to Banedanmark.

If the supplier signs agreement on automatic payment (self billing) with Banedanmark, the requirements on the transmission of invoices are cancelled and will be replaced bysettlement documents.

Banedanmark's approval of the submitted registration on the current service registration number means acceptance of the amount on the invoice and thereby settlement with the supplier, regardless if it's with EAN invoices or via automatic settlement (self billing).