Self billing

Commitment of agreement on automatic payment (Self Billing)

When the supplier uses the Portal solutions it provides the ability to access a system of automatic payment (self billing) for the services that are registered through one of the Portals.

This means that the supplier doesn't need to send an electronic invoice since the basis for the invoice is already registered by the supplier and approved by Banedanmark.

The system provides administrative relief in the workflow for invoice processing and payment for both parties. 

Agreements on automatic payment are settled with the supplier and incorporated as part of the terms of each individual contract. 

Invoice documents via mail to the supplier

Based on the pre-approved document for each service registration it is possible to settle the payment directly to the supplier's bank, so that Banedanmark doesn't need to receive an electronic invoice from the supplier.

Instead the supplier will receive a payment document via e-mail from Banedanmark which corresponds to the current and approved registration by the supplier submitted through one of the portals.

The payment document corresponds to a creditor invoice and is in accordance with applicable accounting principles.

Examples of Payment Document for:

Services with an offer list