Booking interruptions to the catenary system on the Fjernbane

Banedanmark’s catenary system (high-voltage system) on the Fjernbane is subject to the Danish Safety Technology Authority’s Statutory Order 1608 “Safety for the operation of electrical systems” and the Fjernbane’s catenary system instructions (FKI) that set out safety instructions pertaining to electrified stretches of track featuring 25 kV, 50 Hz systems.

The works manager for these systems is Lars la Cour Nielsen, tel. +45 9354 7666, email
The requirement for an interruption to the catenary system will be evaluated on the basis of issues such as the applicable respect distances for live structures, cf. the Fjernbane’s catenary system instructions (FKI). 

  • The respect distance for people and hand tools being used by people is 1.75 m. 
  • The respect distance for machinery operating at a height in excess of 3.00 metres above the top of the rail is 5.00 metres. In the case of larger machinery, it is possible to apply for dispensation from the works manager to work closer to the high-voltage system. 
  • The respect distance for water spraying using a dispersed beam is 10.00 m.

Interruptions to the catenary system relating to the 25 kV system on the Fjernbane must be booked via this email address: The deadline for booking all interruptions to the catenary system is 15 weeks. The form must be submitted by email and the subject line should be “KA”.

Inquiries and questions relating to interruptions to the catenary system may be directed to the catenary planning team by phone on +45 8234 4008 (Monday to Friday 09:00-14:00). In the event of a failure of or accident involving the catenary system, the Catenary Operations Centre (staffed 24/7) must be contacted by phone on +45 8234 7777. 

When booking an interruption to the catenary system, the orderer must include the following information in their request:

  • The orderer’s name, position, telephone no. and company/place of employment
  • The date of execution for the works
  • Details of the location where works are to be completed (section, track, km)
  • The nature of the works and any applicable use of large machinery or tools
  • The body/organisation placing the order
  • The works manager (the catenary system works manager)
  • Body responsible for earthing.