Invoicing of Banedanmark

All invoices sent to Banedanmark must be electronic. A special format, OIO-XML, must be used.

If your enterprise cannot send in the OIO-XML format, one of the authorised Read-In bureaus may be used. These are: Data Scanning A/S and JWN Data A/S. The Read-In bureau forwards the scanned invoice to Banedanmark electronically. 

An invoice portal may also be used. For further information, see

In addition to the general provisions laid down by Customs and Tax, the invoice must include the following: 

Banedanmark's EAN number: 
5798000893214 for transactions with Banedanmark
5798000893207 for transactions with the rest of Banedanmark 
A purchase order number (PO no.). For projects, it may also be called a contract no. or requisition no. The PO no. usually has 8 digits, but may have up to 10 digits. 
A line with position number from the purchase order 
A reference to the requisitioner: e-mail address   
A description of the product or service and the time of performance 
Delivery address or place(s) of performance 

Note: Please do not enter any data in the "Kontostreng" field. 

Hardcopy invoices should be sent via the Read-In bureau or the invoice portal, while electronic invoices in OIO-XML format should be sent to the VANS supplier.

If you have any questions, please contact Lene Laursen, Banedanmark, telephone +45 8234 6147.