COVID-19 Information letter regarding the execution of projects in the field

Dear Contractor,

We are aware that the current situation sets the contractors working for Banedanmark in a challenging situation. We fully understand that the spread of COVID-19 can have severe personnel and financial consequences for everyone.

Based on the situation today, it is expected that all ongoing projects can continue. If problems arise during execution of the projects, a case specific assessment will be conducted to determine how the situation should be handled.

Measures related to the work environment on construction sites/pitches/machines 
As a result hereof, Banedanmark aims to keep all construction sites open. That means that we – Banedanmark and its contractors – have a joint responsibility in terms of initiating measures to prevent the spread of infection. Banedanmark urges its own employees to show up directly in the workplace (to the extent possible) and to avoid gathering in larger groups on the construction sites/pitches and follow the guidelines as specified below.

Preventing the spread of COVID-19 is a shared societal responsibility. That means that we must all contribute wherever possible.

The Danish Construction Association has issued the guideline “Tiltag på byggepladsen” (“Measures on the construction site”) on March 17, 2020, which they encourage the industry to comply to ( These are measures that Banedanmark supports.

In addition, we encourage the contractors to adhere to the authorities’ general guidelines, which can be found at Regarding Banedanmark’s official work cars and machines, steering wheels, gear rods, instrument boards, buttons, handles, etc. must always be cleaned with disinfection cloths or soap and water after use.

Specifically, regarding the expansion of facilities in construction sites/pitches 
It is likely that the handling of the Corona break-out causes the need to expand construction facilities, for instance, in terms of additional trailers for personnel and/or other construction facilities.

As a part of Banedanmark’s societal responsibility, we will take on parts of the appurtenant expenses. Thus, Banedanmark accepts to finance the expansion of construction sites provided that the expansion is deemed necessary and is justified in measures to limit the spread of infection. The extent of a potential expansion must, in each case, be agreed upon with the contractor and be approved by Banedanmark before initiation.

Specifically, regarding the accommodation of the contractor’s personnel 
Regarding the accommodation of the contractor’s personnel, Banedanmark is willing to finance a part of the additional costs, for instance, in relation to the need for single rooms instead of double rooms. The preconditions for the willingness to finance this are that the contractor can document 2/2 that the measures are necessary and result in additional costs, and that the contractor’s personnel generally adheres to other general guidelines to prevent the spread of infection.

Assessments determining the share of costs that Banedanmark will cover will take place for each case. The assessment will mainly be based on the principle of fairness.

We urge all contractors to stay in close contact with Banedanmark’s contact persons on the different projects concerning precautionary measures related to COVID-19, including additional measures.

Best regards

Peter Jonasson
Director of Construction