Contractual obligations

Information to suppliers regarding potential strike and lock-out:

Several trade unions have issued a strike notice against Banedanmark. The consequence of a potential strike is that all train traffic might be discontinued.
Consequently, Banedanmark will not be able to comply with contractual obligations regarding construction projects and reception of goods and services during a strike and lock-out period. It is therefore important to inform suppliers that Banedanmark - during a strike and lock-out - will make use of the force majeure clause contained in the contracts and not be liable for expenses occurring during the period.

A potential strike and lock-out will undoubtedly affect both the future of and the economy in many of the activities Banedanmark have with our suppliers. However, we would like to stress that it is in our interest to continue the good cooperation with our suppliers and mitigate potential financial consequences for both parties. We would like to encourage our suppliers to contact in case of any questions related to the above.

If the strike becomes a reality Banedanmark will issue further information to our suppliers.

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