New Tender: Track maintenance in West Jutland

Banedanmark are tendering track maintenance in West Jutland

On 20. Th May 2020, Banedanmark announced a tender for track maintenance in West Jutland.


The tender includes the following:

  • Preventive Maintenance

(E.g. inspection and lubrication of expansion joints)

  • Corrective Maintenance

(E.g. removal of objects and animals in the track or critical track replacement)

  • Predictive Maintenance

(E.g. Correction of switch blades/points, replacement of larger iron parts or renovation of level crossings)

  • Standby action teams

(E.g. welding response crew with self-propelled welding crew, who can solve tasks on Holidays)


Maintenance of track in West Jutland is part of Stage 1 of Banedanmark’s outsourcing plans in the area of track maintenance. The figure below shows the preliminary plan for the next two stages.

Stage 1 consists of the following lines:

·        29 Lunderskov – Esbjerg (excl. Lunderskov Station)

·        30 Bramming – Tønder 

·        31 Esbjerg – Struer 

·        32 Langå – Struer (excl. Langå Station)

·        33 Holstebro – Vejle (excl. Vejle Station)

·        34 Struer – Thisted 

·        35 Skanderborg – Skjern (excl. Skanderborg Station)


A total of approx. 750 km of railway line equivalent to approx. 800 km of track.

Kort over sporvedligehold

Figure 1: The preliminary stage plan for outsourcing of track maintenance.


The tender for Stage 1 will be awarded to one single supplier to ensure a uniform handling of tasks. The duration of the contract is from January 1. St 2022 to December 31. St 2026 and with options of 2 x one-year extension.

All information and documentation in regards to the offering can be found at EU-Supply by clicking on this linkPlease note, that all information is in Danish, but we accept English, Swedish, and Norwegian offers.


Here, you can also ask questions about the framework agreement or the offering via the Q&A flow.


The deadline for submitting tenders is September 24. Th, 2020. 


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