• The CAD manual provides general guidelines on standards, structure, documentation and exchange formats to be used when working on projects forBanedanmark.
  • It can be found here: https://prod.bane.dk/Leverandoer/Krav/CAD/CAD-manual
  • ICT is an abbreviation of Information and Communication Technology.
  • An ICT Agreement is part of the contract for the tendering of each project using CAD, and specifies what should be delivered for the specific project.
  • The ICT Agreement refers to the CAD manual and describes the specific requirements of the project in question.
  • The ICT Agreement also defines the roles and responsibilities for the parties in connection with CAD deliveries.
3D models and original data must be corrected following what is implemented and delivered As Built.
The level of detail for As Built models corresponds to the detailed plan model.
Changes during the implementation phase must be reflected in the 3D models and original data, but if there are changes within execution tolerances, models from the detailed plan can be submitted.
Requirements for other as-built documentation including drawings, data and documents are set out in ‘Krav til teknisk dokumentation’ and ‘Krav til teknisk stamdata’.
Banedanmark does not place requirements for specific software to be used, as long as it can prepare the necessary 3D models and data.
In general, Banedanmark requires conversion to DGN or DWG formats for geometric digital models. Within selected disciplines, there are also requirements for the delivery of data used to generate the models (discipline date), such as ALG and XML for alignment, and DTM and XML for surfaces. Where relevant, other formats are listed, such as i-models, which support the transfer of data between different systems. 
The CAD manual provides a detailed description of which formats Banedanmark requires the different 3D models and data to be exchanged in.
  • In principle, 3D can be projected at any stage, but it depends entirely on the type and the scope of the project.
  • The level of detail and scope of 3D models follows the construction phases, and is limited in the initial phases, but increases with the construction phases.
  • Appendix 2 of the CAD manual describes which level of information and which type of model are generally projected in the different phases.