Development of a standard that sets requirements for valid DS 21001 certifications

Together with Danish Standards, Banedanmark has developed the new standard DS 21003 Railway safety management systems – Work related to infrastructure – Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of railway safety management systems.

DS 21003 lays down requirements for certification bodies that perform certification audits, monitoring audits or re-certification audits in accordance with DS 21001 - Railway safety management systems – Work related to infrastructure – Requirements.

The certification bodies' conformity to DS 21003 ensures that certifications and audits in accordance with DS 21001 take place in a high quality that is trusted across the industry. DS 21003 thus specifies requirements for the certification process and subsequent follow-up by the certification bodies. In principle, accredited certification bodies are subject to the same requirements as when issuing an ISO 9001 certificate. However, some additional requirements have been added for DS 21003. For example, DS 21003 requires certification bodies to state on the DS 21001 certificate which service categories the certificate covers and that DS 21003 forms the basis for the certification. This means that a supplier can present a DS 21001 certificate, which explicitly states, on the certificate, that DS 21003 has been followed in connection with certification bodies' document review, certification, monitoring audit and the like.

Requiring certification bodies to conform to DS 21003 when issuing DS 21001 certificates ensures that there are uniform requirements for all certification bodies and a high level of trust in the certificates issued. A DS 21001 certificate documents that the owner of the certificate has a systematic, consistent and documented approach to safety management, and that the safety work complies with the requirements for railway safety management in DS 21001.

The development of DS 21003 has taken place in a standardisation committee, similar to the development of DS 21001 and DS 21002. In addition to Danish Standards and Banedanmark, several other certification bodies have participated in the committee and contributed to the development of DS 21003.

DS 21003 was published on 1 December 2020, and you can search for and buy the standard on the Danish Standards website.